| 8.8.17 |
Pro.com — Transforming the Home Renovation and Remodeling Sector
DFJ's Bill Bryant on DFJ's investment in Pro.com and the market opportunity for a tech enabled “virtual” general contractor.
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| 7.28.17 |
Redfin IPO
DFJ's Emily Melton gives an inside look at Redfin's path to going public.
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| 7.12.17 |
Xealth Puts the X Factor Into Health
DFJ's Bill Bryant gives an insider's look into our recent investment in Xealth, a health delivery platform.
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| 7.5.17 |
Barry Schuler on The Twenty Minute VC
Barry Schuler talks about IPOs, hypergrowth, and bubbles on The Twenty Minute VC.
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| 6.29.17 |
The Tiny Satellites Ushering in the New Space Revolution
Planet has one goal: to take a picture of the entire planet every day. To do that, they need to launch the largest number of satellites in human history. Bloomberg Businessweek's Ashlee Vance journeys to India to watch Planet's satellites hitch a ride on a rocket.
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| 5.24.17 |
Outreach — Driving Success for Sales Teams
DFJ Growth is thrilled to announce we are leading the $30 million Series C round for Outreach, and will be partnering with the company's stellar team to reinvent the sales technology stack.
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| 5.4.17 |
DFJ Founder Stories
DFJ founders discuss their experiences, what they learned building companies, and give advice to other entrepreneurs.
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| 4.20.17 |
DFJ Growth - Three of a Kind
We are pleased to announce the closing of our third DFJ Growth fund with total capital commitments of $535 million.
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| 4.13.17 |
Katerra — Building a Bright Future
DFJ participated in a $130 million Series C for Katerra, a company that is reinventing the construction industry.
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| 4.8.17 |
Meet One of the Most Brilliant Investors in Silicon Valley
What excites Steve Jurvetson? “Fringe ideas”—companies that sit on the border between crazy and revolutionary. More on that and a variety of topics from Steve's first Product Hunt live chat.
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| 3.22.17 |
DFJ leads $9.3M Series A in AI chip and software company Mythic
“What Mythic has built is a deep learning or neural network chip that implements learning algorithms at a radically lower price point, chip size and power consumption level than anything we have today." - DFJ's Steve Jurvetson
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| 2.8.17 |
Randy Glein on Growth Investing
DFJ Partner Randy Glein gives insights on growth investing and public market expectations on The Twenty Minute VC with Harry Stebbings
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| 1.25.17 |
Ringing in a new era in home security
DFJ lead Ring's $109 million Series D. Partner Randy Glein gives insight on this investment.
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| 1.11.17 |
Emily Melton: Why you should not invest from patterns
DFJ Partner Emily Melton talks pattern recognition, analogies, risk, and the rise of the "celebrity investor" on The Twenty Minute VC with Harry Stebbings
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| 1.9.17 |
Josh Stein: Why VCs must adapt to their founders
DFJ Partner Josh Stein talks adapting to founders, SAAS startups, and major transition points at Box on The Twenty Minute VC with Harry Stebbings
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